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Compostable Bags

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In line with local authority food waste collection schemes, we offer a range of compostable liners which are designed to fit most kitchen caddies. These caddy liners are ideal for collecting food waste, peelings and other organic waste and helps with segregating this waste from all other household waste.

Our bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable, EN13432 compliant and are manufactured from a blend of cornstarch, vegetable oil and compostable polyester materials.

We hold the following sizes of compostable sacks in stock:

Code Size Roll Qty Box Qty
7LTRCOMP 16" x 17"
(7 Litre Compostable Bag)
20 bags 20 rolls
(400 bags)
30LTRCOMP 22" x 24"
(30 Litre Compostable Bag)
10 bags 24 rolls
(240 bags)
60LTRCOMP 24" x 30"
(60 Litre Compostable Bag)
20 bags 12 rolls
(240 bags)
100LTRCOMP 29" x 39"
(100 Litre Compostable Bag)
10 bags 20 rolls
(200 bags)
140LTRCOMP 39" x 43"
(140 Litre Compostable Bag)
10 bags 15 rolls
(150 bags)
240LTRCOMP 47" x 55"
(240 Litre Compostable Bag)
10 bags 10 rolls
(100 bags)

For larger commercial kitchens and food waste areas, we also offer bigger compostable bags which can be used in kitchen bins or wheelie bin liners.

We can also offer bespoke printed compostable bags for trade waste collection companies and local councils.