Opalion Plastics: Product Range

Mailing Envelopes

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We are able to offer a wide range of bespoke printed courier bags and mailing envelopes produced from a 3 layer co-extruded film – usually white / grey on the outside and black / grey on the inside for maximum confidentiality. These bags can be supplied with a number of features which include:

  • Printed up to 10 colours
  • Single or multiple glue lines (permanent or resealable)
  • With or without kangaroo pouch for documents
  • Sequential numbering / barcodes in multiple places on the bag
  • Block headed or loose packed in the box
  • Side Weld or Skirt Side Weld
  • Sealed reinforced carry handle
  • Multi Part labels affixed to each bag

Tamper Evident Security Bags

Upon request, we can also supply Tamper Evident Mailing Envelopes for use in the transportation of cash and other valuable items. These bags are commonly used by CIT companies, banks, police forces, customs and legal authorities.

The Tamper Evident Security Bags are produced from a tear proof polythene film (transparent or opaque film) and incorporate a number of security features which include:

  • Tamper Evident Security Tape which displays any attempts of tampering
  • Printing on the Security Tape for added security
  • Double Shrink Seals with security overprinting along the welded seams
  • Sequential Numbering & Barcodes in more than one location on the bag
  • Optional tear-off receipt can be added to the bag
  • RFID Transmitter Chips can be added to the bag – this allows you to add additional information to each bag individually. This information can be read by a scanner as the security bag pass by and allows you to track the movement of each bag within a controlled area.